Beat your Children as much as you can: If you want them to be god fearing

One of the biggest question every parent ask is "Should I beat my child?". Very few of the most debated topics around the world, with tugs from both ends. Studies show that physically punishing a child for every silly reason will always have negative impact than the good effects said by holy books.


One of the biggest question every parent ask is "Should I beat my child?". Very few of the most debated topics around the world, with tugs from both ends. Studies show that physically punishing a child for every silly reason will always have negative impact than the good effects said by holy books.

Most religious texts speak about physically punishing kids. the severe the punishment is, the more obedient the kid will be.

beatkid4Of course spanking children is good to make them a little religious and cut down their ego. They will always be afraid of someone and  they have an attachment with god: to him he is gonna speak about his life and sadness.

But in most cases, a kid who has been punished more, turns up to be a troublemaker for himself and the society. He will find it difficult to be able to express him-selves  in a group. He will develop inferiority complex, lack of happiness. and can easily turn violent and may suffer from disorders like depression and feelings to commit suicide.

I remember when once of my classmates said “I fought with my classmates because I could not see them being happy, and smiling and being confident: and used to feel jealous when their parents cared about them! I was always beaten at home for anything and everything”.

This guy’s parents were not always in good terms: his father used to reach home late every night  and under the influence of alcohol,  he used to punish his children for every silly mistake.

This guy slowly developed sadistic attitude and started to enjoy hurting others and stealing belongings of his friends: After a lot of counseling and mingling with friends (basically keeping him away form parents) he could change his character. At present, his parents are fighting for diverse.

Its as simple as Neuton’s third law: “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”.

Severe punishments work like a chain reaction. Parents spank kids: making Kids fight with classmates and friends to use up their frustration and pain. They will be punished for misbehavior which runs like an endless cycle.

Slowly these kids develop sadistic attitude: which can be dangerous for everyone around as they grow up.

There is only one thing that can heal the world.. “Its love”. the only thing, which can make world a better place to live.

AkhilAkhil,  who is passionate about wildlife photography from an young age. His father has presented him an SLR camera and makes sure he uses it to the best. His father makes sure that, his kids enjoy living in the worlds and make them think positive about life.

If parents are the best friend to your kids, children will always have an attachment and love and affection back to parens. This requires a lot patience and perseverance. Kids will always be open to their parents and will never lie due to fear of punishments.

I remember the policy of one of my co-worker, who is at present the principal of a college. “I will never beat my kids. I will make sure that, they respect me and make them understand that I am living for them”.

This is one the happiest families I have seen in my life.

This was the condition for marriage of one of my friends, who was working at the same college: to his fiance. “We will never beat our kids”.

Physical punishments are barbaric.

When parents teach the way of care and love to their kids, the kids follow the same ideology in their life. They will be more balanced and peace loving. Violence taught or inherited from parents makes them feel that violence is the only solution for everything in life..

Most underprivileged kids from poor backgrounds turn into robbers and anti social elements because they lack love and care from parents. many parents from lower class are addicted to alcohol and known to beat and torture kids at home: which plants seeds of violence in them.

All this doesn’t mean, the kids should not be punished at all.

But there should be a balance. There is nothing wrong in punishing the kid: to make him understand what pain is and sadness is.

For every spank the kid gets, parent must make sure that, the kid is complimented back with care and love.

StealChildren learn everything from their parents. Violence taught! Violence out!

If they forget to do that, the hatred and violence grows in his mind. What ever the kid experience at the young age remains in his mind for the whole life. His character and life patterns will definitely be dependent on his childhood experiences.

It need not be parents who complements him back: it can be brothers, sisters or friends: When joint families existed in India, there where always someone in the family to the kids calm : but as joint families dissolved to nuclear ones, this trend vanished.

In the present situation, when most kids are addicted to video games and doesn’t show any interest in studies or personal activities: they must seriously be advised and cared more.

In most cases addiction is a very good sign that, they lack getting something on the other side.

PN :Most of the ideas are based of what I have learned from my classmates and co-workers. As far as possible, I have tried hiding the names and identities of people i have mentioned in the story. Still people who are connected with me and them will be able to identify them



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