ISBN Number: Application for free ISBN number in India

Getting an ISBN in India is free. You need to send an application to Raja Rammohan Roy National Agency for ISBN. Here is a step by step guide on how to obtain and ISBN Number for free in India


Getting an ISBN in India is free. You need to send an application to Raja Rammohan Roy National Agency for ISBN. Here is a step by step guide on how to obtain and ISBN Number for free in India

What is ISBN Number

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, a unique code that can be assigned to a book. While an ISBN is not required to publish a book, it is a good idea to get one for your book, specially if you want to sell it through standard book distribution channel.

ISBNs are allotted to publishers/ self publishers in blocks by a organization in each country. Getting an ISBN in India is free and it is allotted by Raja Rammohan Roy National Agency for ISBN.

How to obtain an ISBN Number


Step 1

Download the application form for ISBN Registration from,

Step 2

Fill the application with the necessary information. Please look at the sample application I have shown here. Take a copy of the ID proof of the applicant or a copy of the bank statement of the organization.

Step 3:

Post the filled application together with
1. ID Proof/Current Account Statement/ Request from Head of Institution (Based on the type of application as per written in the form)
2. Self addressed envelope  duly  affixed with postage  stamp of Rs. 17 for Delhi NCR and  Rs.  39  for  rest  of  the  country  for  speed  post.

Post the above as an ordinary mail to

Raja Ram Mohun Roy ISBN Agency
Department of Higher Education
Ministry of Human Resource Development
Room Number13, Jeevan Deep Building
4th Floor, Parliament Street, New Delhi, India

Old Address (Only for reference and not to be used)

Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN,
Government of India,
Ministry of Human Resource Development,
Department of higher Education,
West Block 1, Wing 6 , 2nd Floor,
Sector 1 , RK Puram,
New Delhi PIN 110066.

Step 4

Wait patiently for two months. If you are eligible for an ISBN number you will receive a response letter, with a list of ISBNs allotted to you. When you apply for the first time, you will be allocated 10 ISBN Numbers.

Registering a book with ISBN

After allocation of a block of ISBN number, you must register the books with its ISBN.

Fill the log book (sent by agency/ the second page of the reply from agency) with the list of titles and its bibliographic information.

Attach a copy of the book or its jacket. Post it as an ordinary mail to the agency.

PB stands for ‘PaperBack’ cover and HB stands for ‘HardBound’ cover.
ED stands for ‘Edition’
SUB Stands or ‘Subject’

As far as ebook is concerned you can very well use the same ISBN for the hard copy to ebook format, but it is suggested to use a different one to avoid anomaly.

There is no provision for getting ISBN online for free in India. But many agencies do it. They use this same method to get the ISBN, and keep a stock of it and sell it to the clients.

There is only one ISBN agency in the country which is functioning under Department of Higher Education, M/o Human Resource Development, Government of India, New Delhi


General information/instructions for Authors, Publishers, Educational/Research Institutions and others applying for International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

  1. ISBN is only allotted for books, in the form of Hard Cover, Paper Back, eBook, after filling of Application form in English alongwith supporting documents.
  2. No periodicals or newspapers are provided ISBN.
  3. ISBN is allotted to Authors, Publishers and Educational /Research Institutions etc for their upcoming books, booklets, research papers, Braille publications,maps, educational/instructional films, videos, audio books on CD or DVD (talking books), electronic publications either on physical carriers (such as machine readable tapes, diskettes, or CD ROMs) or on the internet.
  4. Publishers,Authorsand Educational/Research Institutions for their upcoming publications, conferences/seminars proceedings have to apply along with supporting documents.
  5. Self authored book published by an individual has to fill up the Author’s Form. The ISBN agency will provide a single ISBN to the Author for his/her book. If more ISBNs are required then separate forms are to be filled up.
  6. .Educational/ Research Institutions may apply through their Head of the Institution, Registrar of the University through designated Nodal Officer for getting ISBN.
  7. Publishers, Educational/ Research Institutions will be initially allotted 10 ISBN and for further requirement of ISBNs they will have to apply afresh along with supporting documents.
  8. The Application form should be filled in English (not in any regional language).
  9. No fee is charged for applying for ISBN.
  10. After receipt of properly filled Application form with the supporting documents,allotment of ISBN is processed on first come first served basis.

Grounds for rejection of applications:

  1. Application form not received in original
  2.  Application form received unsigned
  3. Improper Signatures, for example: in capital letters
  4. Variations in signature
  5. Supporting documents not self attested
  6. Mala fide applicationwith misrepresented facts
  7. Requisition letter from University/Institution for conference/seminar not on original letterhead.


73 thoughts on “ISBN Number: Application for free ISBN number in India

  1. varaprasad

    “After allocation of a block of ISBN number, you must register the books with its ISBN.
    Fill the log book (sent by agency) with the list of titles and its bibliographic information.
    Attach a copy of the book or its jacket. Post it as an ordinary mail to the agency.”… Means …please give more details of this step…(Already i got isbn no from RRR Agency, but i dont know about log book and further steps,please give more detais…Thank You…

  2. Ambar Prajapati

    We are in urgent need of minimum four isbn numbers. Can you help us with this. Or let us know about the consultants who sell ISBN numbers.

    Please call on +91-8934885269 or drop an e-mail to above e-mail address

  3. Maha Bodhi Society of India

    We have sent the ISBN duly filled and the related attachments as per the Clauses in the Form way back in August, to be exact 18th August 2015. Still we are waiting. Several reminders are given on the Email appearing in the form, the latest reminder been made today, 5th Nov. 2015 just before posting it. It is very urgent since we have publications waiting for ISBN. Why is it for if there isn’t any facility/resources to manage/administer it! We wonder. At least some responsible personnel from the Agency could drop a email reply about the status.

    Is there any agent out there selling ISBN Nos., please…….???? This is height!!!!

  4. Dr. Bhavatosh Chandra

    Sir, I got my ISBN nos. wide your F.No. 5087/2012-ISBN dated 27.07.2012. But I could not found any log book attached with such envelop that I could not reply you. What should I do further?
    Can I change my book’s cover page with the same allotted ISBN?

  5. dr.T.C.Poornima

    Excellent System. But, What about the older books which do not have ISBNs? Those books might have been published before the establishment of ISBN or even after.

    The older books with out ISBNs are not taken into account how ever valuable they are. Unfortunately the older generation are not aware of this system.

    Is there any possibility to get them the numbers even now for the books already published.

    Secondly, How about getting ISBNs for books published by unregistered publishers like author himself scarcely publishing the books. May not be for commercial purpose but for his satisfaction. who is not a registered publisher.

  6. chandra mouli

    I have applied for ISBN no. in February. have sent more than 10 reminders Then posted the form again in October
    absolutely no response??????. We have clients waiting to put the numbers on the books printed.
    Very sad!

    • admin Post author

      .. Make sure that U have send it to the new address. Apply Again… Remainders may not help… Your application may be been ‘lost during transit’.

  7. Arindam Garai

    I need few ISBN numbers for my book. Waiting is not feasible for us. Please help. We are ready to buy if within our capacity.

  8. vijay

    dear sir i want 4 isbn in arjent in 15 days can get and what is cost from buying your side plz send details or tell me this no.9096547397

  9. karthick

    sir,can u plz send me any clients who is selling ISBN no’s.whetherwise give contact address to get it sir.

  10. Mohamed Ibrahim

    hi, i’m looking to release a book and need of isbn no. can you help with the same. you can call me on 9894500189
    thanks in advance

  11. shubham shrivastava

    i have been done the process given above.
    but don’t believe that they will give me ISBN number . Sir i want your help to get ISBN. plzz contact me. 9144312982.
    Thank you

  12. Dharam Paul

    I have applied with a fresh application for more isbns for Aab Publication on 12 Aug 2015. But still waiting for the numbers. Its urgent. Please email the numbers or suggest some solution. Thank you.

    Dharam Paul
    Aab Publications
    Opp. Bus Stand.
    Dist Patiala
    Mob. 9501013296

  13. sanchit garg

    Hello Sir
    I have recently self-published my book and need to get a single ISBN for my book as fast as possible as i want to sell to online websites. Can you help me get one and in how much time?
    Kindly contact on my email regarding the charges and formalities

  14. suraj

    i want the complete guidance about ISBN code as i want to start my own publishing house as well as i have my own authors for the books , so in that case do i need to get ISBN code for publishing house or ISBN code for books.
    Please help for this and is there any consultant to contact.

  15. krishna

    Sir / Madam, I am urgently need of 5 to 10 ISBN numbers for my books with in a week. Please call me 9848294208 or 7382594208. If not please give contact address to get it sir. My email address :

  16. Rajiv

    With the launch of online ISBN application, which promises to give reults in a week, all of the above post will become redundant. Kindly find out latest information and educate all of us …….

  17. Rajesh

    hi I am working on education learning material which will be sold in schools as a the books will be in five different levels, the content will be different for each book, so i need to apply for six different ISBN s and I am a self publisher,
    So I need to fill five different application for the same
    please update if anything more is required
    thanking you.

  18. Lakshmipathy


    We would like to apply for ISBN for publishers. We have query in filling the form for ISBN for publishers. The point 5 in the form ask for category (5/4/3/2/1). But no information is available elsewhere about the category and how the publishers are categorized. Can someone help us in understanding what it is? and what would be the category for new publishers.

    Kindly advice

    Thanks in advance

  19. Swati

    I want to apply for the ISBN but when i visited the ISBN office at Parliament Street, Jeevan DeepBuilding the Joint Secretary told me that from April, 2016 onward they have stopped taking the applications physically. now if somebody wants to apply then he/ she has to do it online. i have been doing lots of research on this but i am unable to find any link on the website where i can apply online. Please help!! if anybody is aware of the process.

    • admin Post author

      Yes. I apply for ISBN numbers for publishers, the last one was a week ago and we received the numbers..

  20. Atul Contractor

    we have already been allocated 10 ISBN numbers. We have published all the titles and sent copy of the same to agency. Now we further want 20 more ISBN. will you pls inform the procedure for the same.

  21. Romesh

    What is the benefit of obtaining ISBN? If I have to obtain ISBN, what is the minimum no of the copy of the book that I have to print? Thank you

  22. Ravindra Patil

    Sir, I have applied for ISBN numbers by online procedure. But they rejected the application, as they want registered ID proof of publishing agency. I have Gumasta licence of my business and also current account in the name of my publishing agency. What they want as address proof , do not understand. Please help.. or mail me your contact number, so that I consult.

  23. Bharatee


    I am planning to self publish my book. I have applied for ISBN. But it came back saying provide the printer name, address and publisher name, address on book verso page. I sent them as blank previously because printer is not decided yet.

    For self published books, can you provide the template of Verso page of the book

  24. kalyanaraman.g

    sir i want to get ISBN numbers doing the printing work for various universities and engineering colleges. how to get the ISBN number kindly inform to me my mobile no.8189898945. this is not for commercial purpose absolutely for the students and staffs.

  25. dinesh dashpute

    respected sir

    this is my registration no & application date 592|ISBN|2016|P 17/06/2016.
    sir i m waiting for my isbn no. as well as my publication business also stop.

  26. Sudhir Gupta

    I am having ISBN log book and want to apply for new ISBN no. Can I get the details where to apply for the same again as i got the ISBN series 7 years back and applied at Connaught Place New Delhi and Now the office have been shifted some where else.

    Sudhir Gupta
    +91 9811437895


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