The Naga Pride

A documentary team travels to the depths of Nagaland to film the head hunters walk out of their relic forests to join hands, to protect their pride 



Save our Shola Grasslands

A short documentary by Prasenjeet Yadav

Shola Sky Islands host tropical montane grasslands in a matrix with forests, in the global biodiversity hotspot - Western Ghats. In the last century, over 60% of the landscape has been modified, and more grasslands than the forests have been lost- taken over by planted and invasive timber plantations (particularly Wattle).

The predominant paradigm in this region is of forest conservation and forest restoration, but it is the grasslands that need the most attention, with several species like the Nilgiri Pipit tied to this habitat and threatened with extinction.

The simple strategy recommended by award-winning conservation practitioners Tanya Balcar and Robert Stewart is to prioritize identifying and preserving the existing grasslands, push back the invading plantation species, and finally to deal with the mature plantations.

The Baffling Bombastic Bullfrog

A short for Sandesh Kadur

It was the beginning of the rainy season – the first week of June - 1996. I was driving up along coastal Karnataka, somewhere close to Karwar. 9 AM & still the rain had not abated. It came in sheets with the wind slanting the rain at an oblique 45-degree angle. Around 10 AM, the rain subsided to a drizzle.

As I drove along the elevated National Highway 48 a deafening chorus of frogs caught my attention. I got off the highway and drove to an open football field with a 2-3 inch layer of water. Dotted like miniature football players all along the field were nearly 30-40 bright lemon-yellow bullfrogs.

Something I had never seen before. Of course, I had seen bullfrogs, but normally they were olive green in colour, not bright yellow! What I was witnessing was the spectacular breeding assemblage of the largest frog on the subcontinent, the Indian Bullfrog - Hoplobatrachus tigerinus.

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