Keratoconus is not the end. There are many ways you can cope with it, and lead a normal happy life. You are never alone, there are many friends around the world, who suffer from keratoconus, who are ready to help you and share their stories of happiness and successful life.

We are here to help you, and provide sufficient resources to come up in life.

Keratoconus Foundation is a non profit charitable organization in to help Keratoconus Patients in India both emotionally and financially and help them lead a better life. The foundation also aims to provide awareness to the general public about Keratoconus through seminars, films and publications.

During its long run, KFI will award scholarships and financial assistance or support to needy patients for education or livelihood, and also Establish and run special  schools, rehabilitation  centers,  hospitals and clinics for Keratoconus patients.


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e: p: +91 94462 93302