A Day at Mysuru Zoo

Produced, directed and filmed by Shekar Dattatri, this film was commissioned by the Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysuru, India, to commemorate its 125th year of existence. With its old world charm, clean and green surroundings, spacious enclosures and well-cared for animals, it is clearly one of the best zoos in Asia.

Wild Karnataka

Bluechip documentary on the wildlife of Karnataka Karnataka is India’s 6th largest state, in India, which has a recorded forest area of 38,720 sq. km, that constitutes 20.19% of the total geographical area, of the state. Its ecosystem supports different kinds of forests, ranging from the wet evergreen forests of the Western Ghats, to deciduous … [Read more…]

Cobra Gypsies

Cobra Gypsies offers a contemporary and colorful window to the amazing ancient culture of the nomadic Kalbeliya tribes, living in rural Rajasthan, Northern India. The film explores their culture of eternal dance, syncopated music, snake charming, colorful fashion and the nomadic way of life of these exotic looking castoffs, ancestors to the modern Roma Gypsies … [Read more…]

Invisible Wings – The Tea Seller Couple Who Travelled The World

Copybook Films proudly presents Invisible Wings is the story of a man who has discovered this magical dimension of his life. He is a tea-seller who travels the world with his wife. The power of his dreams, the strength of his will and the passion in his single-minded pursuits have let his spirit spread it’s … [Read more…]

Mt Khangshilling – A step to Bucket-list

A group of experienced and novice mountaineers journey to the top of Mt. Khangshilling(6295M) in Sipiti in Indian Himalayas in Alpine style or Self sufficient way to test the limits of human ability. The story portrays the Coordination and understanding between experienced Climber and Novice climber on their attempt to Mt. Khangshilling in self sufficient … [Read more…]

Singalila in the Himalaya

Story of a young Keratoconus patient finding his way in life to trek through the Himalayas and finds that, the best medicine for his eyes are the sights of the beautiful mountains and valleys in the Himalayas. The film progress with a 14 day long trek along the border of India and Nepal, known as … [Read more…]

Sarala Virala (ಸರಳ ವಿರಳ) Life of L.Narayana Reddy

In a world subjected to an onslaught of saleable ideas and products, a world where we indulge beyond our means, is there a possibility of leading a life true to the values we believe in? To abstain from indulgence? ‘Sarala – Virala’ is an insight into a life of simple man, who remains steadfast and … [Read more…]

The Last Hop(e)

India is a country where traditionally the common man has lived in harmony with the natural environment. But, over the last few decades, modernization and unplanned urbanization have spread their roots; forests are shrinking and wildlife is constantly subjected to an onslaught of mindless developmental activities. In such a scenario what is the fate of … [Read more…]

The Naga Pride

A community conservation documentary revolving around the annual migratory birds Amur Falcon and the hunting tribes of Nagaland. It showcases the transformation of these hunters into protectors with support and participation from the government, NGOs and wildlife conservationists and enthusiasts. It also looks at the effect of climate change on wildlife in general, Amur falcons … [Read more…]

The Return of Sangai

The dear story of a deer saved from extinction at the only floating national park in the world. Keibul Lamjao National Park Manipur, India.